Why You Should Book An Engagement Photoshoot!

Dec 14, 2022

I love engagement photoshoots!

 It’s such a fun, chilled time to get creative with the two of you and find out all about your quirks and personalities. We can go to your favourite dog walking spot, hang out at home or grab a pint together. It’s not just for engaged couples either. You might just want to spend some time celebrating the awesomeness of you and get some damn fine photos out of it!

But, why book an engagement photoshoot I hear you ask?! We are awkward in front of the camera, what even happens at an engagement shoot I hear you cry!  Don’t worry, I’m going to break it all down in this blog post and explain exactly why booking an engagement shoot may actually be a great idea ahead of your big day.

1. Engagement photoshoots actually help if you hate having your photo taken

The idea of wedding photos might make you shudder in fear. I totally get it. While some people love having their photo taken, let’s be honest, the vast majority of us don’t. It can make you feel awkward (like what the hell do I do with my face, and where do I put my hands?!) and having this fear before your wedding day can be a little intimidating. Booking in an engagement photoshoot with me before the big day can ease some of those nerves. My approach to photographing people is always laid back and avoids any awks posing so you can just be yourselves and have fun with it. So many of my couples have said booking in an engagement sessions has really helped ease those nerves and makes them feel more relaxed and prepared ahead of the wedding.

2. It gives us a chance to meet before the big day

Booking an engagement photoshoot gives you the perfect chance to meet me and my camera. You will actually get to see and experience my shooting style and how I work ahead of the wedding day. Plus, it’s a great chance for us to chat about all those little details for the wedding and just actually get to know each other properly. We can even grab a drink before or after the shoot. That way, when I arrive on your wedding day, you will instantly feel more comfortable from the minute I arrive!

3. The photos are actually bloody useful

Maybe before your wedding day, the only photos you had together were some old phone selfies from a random night out from years ago! Once you’ve had your engagement photoshoot you will have an online album of gorgeous images you can actually use for your wedding day! Photos from an engagement shoot can come in handy for Save the Dates, seating plans, table settings or you can even print an album for guests to flip through during the day. Or you can just keep a hold of them for personal memories between the two of you.

4. It’s a great excuse to spend some time out together

Wedding planning can be stressful. Chances are that most of your conversations at the moment revolve around seating plans, flowers and vows! Taking some time out together for an engagement photoshoot with me is the perfect chance to just chill out and take an hour or so out from wedding madness. We can revisit your first date location, go for a walk around your favourite city or just hang out at home. The choice is yours and you can style it up however your like and just have fun! Get your glad rags on for cocktails in your favourite bar or snuggle up at home together in your onesies!

5. You can really have fun with it and personalise your photos

The beauty of engagement photoshoots is that you can really get creative. You can style it up how you like, and involve elements that you might not be able to on your wedding day. Your fur baby can’t be involved on the wedding day? No problem! Let’s involve them in the engagement shoot. You guys love rollerblading?! Don your blades and we can capture you in your element together? Or we can even just hang out at home with a wine and a movie. The choice really is yours and you can be the creative director for the day!

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