Winter Weddings: The Unsung Hero

Nov 25, 2022

Winter is here! But still on the fence about booking a winter wedding?

You’re cracking the knitwear out, a glass of red by a roaring fire sounds very tempting and it’s getting dark by 4pm. 

Yes summer weddings are stunning but maybe you just don’t actually deal that well in the heat! Plus summer months tend to be jam packed with social events and holidays, you might actually find more of your guests are available and have more energy for a winter party!

Read on for my 4 top tips and reasons why a cosy wedding could actually be something to seriously consider…

1. Cost

Some venues can actually offer a lower price tag for a winter wedding. With less demand during this season you might have more chance of getting the date you want at your dream venue. Not to mention travel and accommodation options for you and your guests will be significantly more affordable outside of the peak season.

A winner all round! But aside from cost, when it comes to booking a venue, consider a place with lots of options for indoor areas. For a winter wedding, remember that you are most likely going to be spending most of the time inside. If you dream of an outdoor tipi festival wedding, perhaps a winter wedding might not be the one for you (or you might not be too popular with your guests for making them stand outside shivering!).

Which leads me on to my next point…the weather!

2. Weather

Really, the British winter weather I hear you say?! Yes, we live in the UK and a winter wedding probably won’t be full of snowy winter photos and possibly more likely rain. But in winter, at least we kind of know what we are getting weather-wise. If the heavens do open, chances are you and your guests won’t be too keen on standing around outside anyway.

Remember that weddings in the peak of summer are never guaranteed to be glorious blue skies, but with a winter wedding, this is going to be less of a concern anyway. However, do not be too dismayed if there is rain on your wedding day. Rainwater can actually make for some stunning reflections in photos and grey skies are actually a photographers dream, as the lighting is more diffused and no-one will be squinting at the camera!

Plus, you can have a bit of fun with it and bring along some clear or matching coloured umbrellas to get some quirky portraits and group shots outside. Don’t forget the chill in the air however, and dress appropriately! Brides and bridesmaids can opt for stunning long sleeved dresses and cute shawls and shrugs for outdoor photos. Whereas grooms and groomsmen can try out warmer fabrics such as tweed and wool along with stylish layering.

3. Light

Winter weddings have such a gorgeous warmth to them. It’s a very different aesthetic to a summer wedding, and they have a real, romantic glow to them. However, I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to consider light during a winter wedding! If you plan your ceremony for 3pm, remember the outside light might be fading fast by the time you’re married.

So your confetti and group photos outside could be pretty dark. Consider starting things a little earlier to make sure your confetti, group and couples photos can happen while we still have natural light to work with. As for the reception, consider adding candles, lanterns and fairy lights for warm, cosy and elegant indoor lighting.

When you book me as a your wedding photographer, we can plan a perfect timeline together to make the most of the winter light for photos.

4. Vibe

Getting married in winter could actually mean a few free additional decorations to your venue! On the run up to and just after Christmas, lots of venues have beautiful wreaths, Christmas trees and lights that will look so gorgeous in the background of your photos. Just be sure you like their style! Consider your wedding colour palette and opt for tones that compliment the season. Think forest greens, deep blues and reds and get creative with your winter vibe!

Also, consider food that reflects the season. A taco van outside might not be quite suitable on a chilly November day! How about seasonal vegetables and warm, hearty meals along with a mulled cider? Chat with your caterer to curate the perfect winter menu and drinks for you and your guests to enjoy!

Key things to consider for a Winter Wedding…

As I mentioned earlier, getting married outside of the peak summer season could mean your guests are more available. However, be prepared if you are considering the weeks around Christmas and New Year as people and wedding suppliers may already have Christmas and New Year events in the diary.

Plan well in advance with suppliers and make sure you get those Save the Dates out!

  • Perhaps consider a time in the months of January to April. For wedding suppliers in particular, these are our quietest months so you shouldn’t struggle booking who you want. Plus, a wedding during this time gives everyone something to look forward to at the start of the year!
  • Consider the vibe and style you are going for and if this will suit a winter wedding. If you want sun drenched portraits and everyone in summer clothes, this ain’t gonna work in winter! Also, make sure your venue fits your theme and can provide enough space and warmth for guests inside.
  • If you are planning a winter wedding, then please get in touch! I love capturing the warm glow of winter weddings and can help you plan a perfect timeline to make sure we capture the best photos of your amazing day.

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